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Contractubex® – specific treatment for scars

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For many years now Contractubex® has been found to be very effective in treating inauspicious and movement restricting scars. The gel can be used to treat both old and recent scars. And it doesn‘t matter if the scars were caused by a physical accident, a burn or scald, an acid burn, a vaccination, acne or an operation.


It’s simple and easy to use. The treatment itself, however, requires a high degree of perseverance and active participation by the patient. Scars not only take time to develop. They must also be treated in a very consistent manner.

The visual (i.e. cosmetic) and functional (i.e. mobility-related) results that can be achieved are worth the patience. In some cases scar surgery and grafts can also be avoided. Contractubex® is extremely well tolerated even in long-term use.

Ingredients of Contractubex®

The active ingredients in Contractubex® are cepae extract, heparin and allantoin.

How Contractubex® works

The effects of the ingredients enhance and complement each other. And the water-soluble ointment base allows the active ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. Contractubex® does not leave behind a residue. Rather its protective film shields the sensitive scar tissue.

In many cases, Contractubex® treatments make scar tissues elastic again and restore most of their functionality. The earlier you begin to treat the scar tissue with Contractubex® the better the outcome will be.

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