Venture Strategy

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Our philosopy

Targeted investments with significant strategic value, mutual financial benefit and a faster path to market

We invest globally in aesthetic healthcare companies who are pursuing innovative, breakthrough science. Our primary goal is to link our expertise with advanced ideas and technologies from emerging companies or academic institutions.

Through the Merz Corporate Venture Capital Initiative, we offer up initial funding in the early stages of development of a company or technology and are committed to further investments in pace with the company’s progress. This could be alone, or in conjunction with other venture capital and investment funds.

In addition to financial backing, we provide extensive experience and a global network that allows our partners to work closely with management teams and fellow investors to create significant value.


Our focus

Innovative ideas and technologies in aesthetics

We are seeking outstanding ideas and promising technologies in aesthetics that are capable of generating a high level of consumer interest, with a specific focus in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and body-shaping or sculpting technology.

Although our interest is primarily focused on early stage projects and seed investments in aesthetics, our goal is to maximize the value of our entire portfolio, including the development of promising later stage investments and opportunities across all of Merz’s therapeutic focus areas.

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Our value

A partner with a long-term horizon and strong complementary scientific resources

We pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to both innovation and continuity. In line with our strategic interests, we are open to proactive and long-term engagement with our partners, and we hope to provide much more than financial backing.

We seek to directly connect our investments to Merz’ global infrastructure by offering access to relevant experts in our scientific research network and providing commercial insights into global to markets.

Our investments

Cytrellis Biosystems

US-based company Cytrellis Biosystems is a clear fit for Merz’s strategy of investing in promising new technologies that address unmet needs in aesthetics.

Cytrellis is a clinical stage company that has been developing an entirely new category of medical devices for the aesthetics market. Cytrellis’ key proprietary technology removes excess skin without invasive surgery or scarring. This technology will enable physicians to improve sagging skin associated with aging on the face and other areas of the body, thereby addressing one of the aesthetic industry’s largest unmet needs and most valuable opportunities.

Through this partnership with Merz, Cytrellis gains access to the specialized market experience of a leading global player in aesthetic medical devices.

ON Light Sciences

UMerz’s acquisition of US-based ON Light Sciences demonstrates the company’s commitment to discovering and funding innovative and category-building technologies within the aesthetics space.

ON Light Sciences is a U.S. medical device company developing technologies to enhance laser-based dermatologic procedures. The company’s flagship product is the FDA 510(k) cleared and CE-marked DeScribe® Transparent PFD Patch, which is placed over tattoos prior to irradiation, allowing physicians to treat tattoos more efficiently by enabling rapid multiple laser passes in a single treatment session.

Acquisition by Merz enables ON Light Sciences to develop broader applications as well as new products to simplify and enhance laser-based dermatologic procedures.