Merz Ethics Helpline

If you see something, say something - Merz fosters a 'speak up' culture

Merz is committed to conducting business in an ethical and lawful way and we encourage employees and third parties to raise their concerns about compliance.

Merz offers all employees and all external third parties protected reporting channels to report violations of external and internal rules, including human rights or envi-ronmental risks as well as violations of human rights or environmental obligations resulting from the business activities of Merz, a direct or indirect supplier.
Corporate Compliance is the cornerstone of all these responsibilities. Compliance at Merz means more than adhering to both external and internal rules; it means respecting and living the values that guide our business and define our way of working.

Merz is committed to setting the highest ethical standards, and all our employees are expected to do the same by following the Merz Group Code of Conduct and by exhibiting fairness, trust, open communication and transparency in all their interactions with customers, partners and colleagues.

Merz offers a company-wide, transparent, public and accessible complaints procedure. Reports can be submitted at any time via this secure reporting channel in over 50 languages, both by telephone and online, and anonymously if desired. The system is technically managed by an independent operator. The content of the reports is processed exclusively by us. All reports are examined and treated impartially and fairly. The compliance professionals processing the respective reports are independent and are not bound by instructions when processing these reports.

All incoming reports of possible violations are dealt with in a binding company-wide procedure. The whistleblower receives confirmation of receipt of the report. The report may be discussed with the whistleblower. The confidentiality of the whistle-blower’s identity is protected. The procedure is described in detail in the corresponding rules of procedure for the complaint mechanism.

How to report a potential compliance violation?

If you would like to call us, please use the numbers provided on this link.

What issues can be reported?

  • Accounting, Banking & Cash
  • Anti-competitive practices
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Corruption & Bribery
  • Discrimination & Harassment
  • Employee Relations
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Fraud & Misuse of Company Assets
  • Human Rights
  • Insider Dealing
  • IT Fraud
  • Supplier & Customer Relations
  • Workplace Security & Theft
  • Other violations of Merz Group Code of Conduct, Third Party Code of Conducts, policies & internal controls

What is Merz’s Commitment?

For using the Ethics Helpline or disclosing information in good faith

  • Respect confidentiality
  • No retaliation
  • No harassment
  • No Discrimination

Link to the Complaint Procedure

Link to the Data Protection Information

Merz Group Code of Conduct

Merz Global Code of Conduct

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Merz Third Party Code of Conduct

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