More than 110 years of Merz – with people as our focus

The pursuit of new solutions and the courage to pursue innovations have made Merz what it is today: an internationally successful, research-based company. The orientation toward patient and customer needs has evolved throughout history and continues to be a fundamental factor at Merz through to present today – that’s because people are the focus of all of our company’s innovations.

Company founder Friedrich Merz had trust in himself and a very clear concept of what he wanted to do: to produce what people really needed. And he did just that, producing what was demanded by patients and consumers alike over his entire lifetime.

  • 1908 - Foundation on march 9th

    Founder Friedrich Merz
    The young pharmacist and chemist Friedrich Merz establishes his own pharmaceuticals production plant in Frankfurt. 10,000 Reichsmark, which he had received from his master pharmacist in Metz, Emile Losson, and his first inventions, a patent and an utility model protection, were the only starting capital the pharmacist and chemist needed.
  • 1909 - Eckenheimer Landstrasse

    eckenheimerlandstrasse, old building
    The company expands and moves to a new location at Eckenheimer Landstraße 100, a former cigarette factory. The company headquarters are still at this location today.
  • 1911 - Patentex first birth control

    Patentex logo
    At the beginning of the 20th century, an abundance of children often goes hand-in-hand with poverty raising a number of social issues. Applauded by doctors and pharmacists but facing resistance from the German Empire and the church, Merz introduces the first topical contraceptive, Patentex, onto the market.
  • 1920 - Diversification

    Building Merz & Krell
    In their hometown of Groß-Bieberau in the Odenwald, Friedrich Merz supports his brother Georg and the master wood turner, Justus Krell, in establishing a writing instruments company, Merz & Krell, which quickly develops into a flourishing business producing fountain pens and propelling pencils. Known today by the name Senator, the company is now an internationally leading manufacturer of writing instruments.
  • 1930 - First additional sites

    1930 - First additional sites
    The 1930's are characterized by rapid growth. New sites emerge in Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, London, and Newark, USA.
  • 1944 - Destruction

    Destroyed Frankfurt
    Following a difficult period of war, bombing reduces the factory in Frankfurt to the ground. Thanks to the removal of duplicate production machines to Reinheim, the production plant is gradually rebuilt and expanded following the war.
  • 1953 - First anti-wrinkle preparation

    Anti-Wrinkle Preparation
    Placentubex, an anti-wrinkle preparation that firms and rejuvenates the skin, is presented by Friedrich Merz at the International Conference for Beauty Care. It is celebrated by experts as marking a turning point in the field of cosmetics, with the Neue Illustrierte pointing out: "The age-old dream of skin rejuvenation becomes reality with Placentubex to a degree which had previously not been thought possible".
  • 1964 - Beauty care from within

    Beauty from within
    Friedrich Merz has developed Merz Spezial Dragees from 18 different active ingredients and a special yeast extract. Beauty care from within? Initially, pharmacists and chemists do not know how to classify the product in their range, but Friedrich Merz offers them a course of treatment with Merz Spezial Dragees lasting several months, and thus gains the best possible support for what is still felt to be an unusual product. "Can you eat beauty care?" The unanimous reply ever since has been a resounding "Yes!".
  • 1965 - tetesept bath medicine

    In the 1960s, the tetesept brand established itself in the market. One of the first and most important products is the tetesept Cold Care Bath, the basis of which is formed by precious medicinal plants in the form of concentrated essential oils. Over the years, the product range is expanded, and before long it includes bath supplements, cold remedies, and also other health products, vitamin and mineral preparations and shower care products. Even today, the brand still combines the most modern scientific expertise with traditional natural medicine.
  • 1968 - Foaming mask

    Foaming Mask
    Another milestone in cosmetics: Friedrich Merz develops the Placentubex Foaming Mask for the woman on the go. In just a few minutes, the foam soaks in without a trace, taking the active ingredients with it deep into the skin - the ideal refresher between leaving the office and meeting your friends. "... I felt like I'd just been for a walk in the forest," writes one enthusiastic customer. The actress Maria Schell is also impressed.
  • 1970 - New therapeutic methods

    New Therapeutic Methods
    Within a short period of time, a string of new patents and innovations means success in the pharmaceuticals area: Compounds for the treatment of Parkinson's, for the reduction of elevated blood lipids, for hepatic encephalopathy and for the treatment of herpes make completely new therapeutic methods possible.
  • 2002 - Alzheimer´s dementia

    Alzheimer´s Dementia
    With Memantine, Merz develops the first active compound worldwide for the treatment of moderate to severe Alzheimer's dementia. Patients can be treated with medical therapy that improves their cognitive abilities, simplifies their care, and delays relocation to a nursing home. Patients can - for a precious amount of time – reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s. For many years, Memantine remains the second-most prescribed anti-dementia treatment worldwide.
  • 2005 - Botulinum toxin

    Merz introduces the next generation of botulinum toxins onto the market - a type-A botulinum neurotoxin that contains no complex proteins, is safe, and is highly effective. It is first used for the treatment of neurological dysfunctions. From 2009 it is also used in the aesthetic treatment of frown lines.
  • 2008 - Merz celebrates its 100-year anniversary

    Merz building
    The one-man operation from 1908 is today an internationally successful, research-based company with over 2,000 employees around the world.
  • 2010 - Acquistion of Bioform

    Radiesse pack
    Merz assumes a leading position in the field of aesthetic treatments with the acquisition of the US-based filler specialist BioForm Medical. BioForm Medical is a leader in the dermal filler market in the United States and Europe with its flagship product, RADIESSE® dermal filler. The US-market becomes Merz’s most important.
  • 2013 - Acquisition of Anteis

    Merz, which distributes a range of dermal fillers developed by Anteis under the Belotero® brand name, acquires the Swiss company. This completes the union of two companies that have been working in strong and trusting partnership for many years. The acquisition strengthens Merz Aesthetics’ portfolio and reinforces its market position in the field of aesthetic medicine while merging Anteis’ operations into one of the leading providers worldwide.
  • 2013 - Acquisition of Neocutis

    2013 Acquisition of Neocutis
    Acquiring Neocutis strengthens the core competence of Merz in the aesthetic medicine providing physicians and patients with the most innovative solutions for dermatologic conditions. Neocutis products are an excellent addition to Merz`s own aesthetics portfolio. The products are particularly used as pre- and post-treatments to aesthetic procedures.
  • 2014 - Acquisition of Ulthera

    Acquisition of Ulthera
    The acquisition accelerates Merz’s growth in the aesthetics area and expands the company’s ability to provide innovative aesthetic treatments along the full continuum of care. Using therapeutic ultrasound technology, the Ulthera® System is the first and only ultrasound platform device to receive FDA clearance for lifting skin on the eyebrow, on the neck and under the chin.
  • 2015 - Growth in Asia Pacific

    Merz established its first subsidiary in Asia Pacific in Singapore, which is now the hub for the region. Due to the growing importance of the Asian market, Merz focuses on setting up new affiliates in Malaysia, Vietnam and India.