• Christie Brinkley is the new face for Xeomin®/Bocouture® and Ultherapy®

    During her 45-year span in the beauty and fashion industries, Christie Brinkley has maintained her youthful appearance. Through the partnership with Merz, why she chose to have to have treatments with Xeomin®/Bocouture® (incobotulinumtoxinA) and Ultherapy® to remain looking timeless and natural at age 63.

    Learn more about the non-surgical lift that's making beautiful changes arround the world.

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  • Dedicated to the development of botulinum neurotoxin for therapeutic use

    For patients with movement disorders, botulinum neurotoxin is often the treatment of choice. Merz´s expertise in this area has produced the only botulinum neurotoxin free from complexing proteins.

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    We are constantly working to advance new treatment standards and improve the quality of research, education and patient care.

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  • What do people really need?

    That was the key question of Friedrich Merz.

    The mindset of company founder Friedrich Merz continues to guide Merz today. In everything we do, our goal is to make a significant contribution to human well-being.

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    Merz has set itself an ambitious vision for the coming years focusing on two pillars: Aesthetics and Neurotoxins.

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  • Foster growth and create value

    Merz offers funding in early stage projects from emerging companies or academic institutions. In addition to our financial investment, we also offer provision of expertise.

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    As a leading international Aesthetics company we plan to invest globally in aesthetic healthcare companies pursuing innovative, breakthrough science.

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We envision new ways to improve the lives of our patients all over the world.


Merz Names Terri L. Phillips, M.D., Vice President and Head of Global Medical Affairs

Frankfurt am Main, Germany /

Merz today announced that Terri L. Phillips, M.D., F.A.A.P., has been named Vice President and Head of Global Medical Affairs, effective January 2, 2018. Dr. Phillips will oversee the global…

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Professor Aaron Gitler Receives the Friedrich Merz Guest Professorship 2017

Frankfurt am Main /

The geneticist Aaron Gitler has been appointed to the 2017 Friedrich Merz Guest Professorship. The professor for genetics at Stanford University, California, researches the causes of neurodegenerative diseases such as…

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Fiscal Year with Ups and Downs

Frankfurt, Germany /

Strong growth in Specialty Neurology Slight decrease in Aesthetics business Europe, Asia, and Latin America growing at a dynamic rate/North America below prior year A promising start to the new…

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