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New CEO for Merz Consumer Care: Xenia Barth

As an experienced manager for consumer beauty care marketing and sales, Xenia Barth is taking over the management of Merz Consumer Care.

From now on, Xenia Barth will be responsible for Merz Consumer Care GmbH, a company of the Merz Group, as the CEO and Managing Director. With its brands tetesept, Merz Spezial and Brooklyn Soap, Merz Consumer Care GmbH is one of the leading providers of healthcare, wellbeing and beauty care products on the mass market in German-speaking countries. 

Xenia Barth (47) has over twenty years of professional experience in the national and international consumer goods industry, in the field of beauty care with a focus on marketing and sales. “We’re delighted to have an excellent leader for Merz Consumer Care in Xenia Barth. With her outstanding professional knowledge and management competencies, she will provide important impulses and continue to accelerate the strong development Merz Consumer Care has experienced over the past few years,” says Phillip Burchard, CEO of the Merz Group and Chairman of the Shareholders’ Council.

Most recently, Xenia Barth worked as the Managing Director for Reckitt in Germany and was also responsible for business in Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Austria as a Regional Director. Prior to this, she occupied various posts with increasing responsibilities at Henkel, where her professional career initially began with different roles in marketing and sales in Germany. After a stint as the Marketing Director in Barcelona, she returned to Düsseldorf, where she continued to expand her responsibilities within the company. Following her position as General Manager Beauty Care in Mexico, her final post at Henkel was Vice President Beauty Care Marketing in the USA.

From now on, Xenia Barth will be responsible for the entirety of Merz Consumer Care as CEO and Managing Director. After CEO Frank Baldauf unexpectedly passed away in July 2021, Steven Potschull, Sales Director D-A-CH, took over management as the interim CEO of Merz Consumer Care. In addition to Sales D-A-CH, he will be from now on also be responsible for Digital Transformation and Technical Operations. Steven Potschull will be promoted as Managing Director  of Merz Consumer Care directly reporting to Xenia Barth.

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About Merz Consumer Care
Merz Consumer Care GmbH is a company within the Merz Group that, with its well-known brands tetesept, Merz Spezial, and Brooklyn Soap, is one of the leading providers of innovative and high-quality healthcare, wellbeing, and beauty care products on the mass market in German-speaking countries. Merz Consumer Care is characterized by its extremely agile and innovation-driven business organization, its own research and development division, and production in Europe.

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