Merz and Oncotec Make Major Investments in Dessau BioPharmaPark

  • Merz opens new dermal filler manufacturing site in Dessau, invests 15 million Euro to expand its presence in BioPharmaPark
  • Oncotec, a medac-subsidiary, celebrates 22 years of essential pharmaceutical production in Dessau, makes 35 million Euro investment at its BioPharmaPark site

Merz, a global leader in aesthetics and neurotoxins, today celebrated the official opening of its new filler plant in BioPharmaPark, Dessau-Rosslau, Germany. At the same time, Oncotec, a medac-subsidiary, celebrates 22 years of essential pharmaceutical production in Dessau, as well as a new 35 Million investment at its site in the BioPharmaPark.

Merz constructed the new plant to meet the growing global demand for its Belotero® dermal fillers, expanding the range of products manufactured at its Dessau site. The new building represents a 15 million Euro investment and spans over 1.200 square meters on three floors. About 150 Merz employees are currently working at the company’s Dessau site.

“The opening of the new building at our Dessau production site is a testimony to both our company’s global success and to our local commitment,” said Philip Burchard, Chief Executive Officer of Merz. “The new production plant is of strategic importance to our business, as it enables us to meet the increasing demand for our dermal fillers. We are proud that our location in Dessau plays such a crucial role in securing the international supply of our medical aesthetics products.”

Oncotec, a global manufacturer of essential medicines in cancer and autoimmune diseases, specializes in particular in the production and development as well as the freeze-drying of liquid cytostatics. Today, for the first time, Oncotec publicly unveils its robot-controlled filling line and installation for the fully automatic visual inspection of syringes to coincide with the company’s 22nd anniversary of the successful production of medicinal products in Dessau-Rosslau.

“With these new installations, Oncotec is more than ready to meet the future demands and dynamic global developments in drug manufacturing at our pharma site in Dessau, and our customers in Germany and abroad will certainly benefit from that”, says Maren Michel, Managing Director of Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH.

Jörg Hans, Chief Executive Officer of medac, agrees: “This is great news for the 306 people currently employed by Oncotec. After all, these installations are not only an investment in our future but also in the Dessau site.”

Expanding the Merz Aesthetics product range at Dessau

The new production plant has been built to produce hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the company’s Belotero® product range. The production takes place according to the highest international standards under clean room conditions. The expansion of the Dessau site enables Merz to increase overall production capacity to meet the growing demand for its HA dermal filler range, which is sold under the brand name Belotero®.

Dr. Torsten Wagner, Senior Vice President Global Technical Operations, explains: “Premium production quality has always been a top priority for us at Merz. Since our first production site in Dessau opened in 2002, we have continuously invested in this location to ensure the highest quality, safety and technology standards, in line with our growth plans.”

Merz production and manufacturing at Dessau since 2002

In 2002, Merz established its initial production footprint in the BioPharmaPark in Dessau to manufacture the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) botulinum neurotoxin. Merz soon invested in a state-of-the-art aseptic plant at the Dessau site for the production of its own botulinum neurotoxin, used for the treatment of neurological movement disorders and medical aesthetics. The company produces the active ingredient in a complex biotechnological process using aseptic filling and freeze-drying.

About Oncotec

Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH has around 300 employees and specialises in the production and development of cytostatics and immunosuppressants in vials and pre filled syringes. Special freeze-dryers allow for the instant conservation of the filled liquids. Founded in 1997, Oncotec as contract manufacturer guarantees the optimum technological prerequisites for the production of highly innovative, specialised products, for example through continuous investments and modernisation measures. As a result, Oncotec is able to provide its international customers with the full service for the entire value chain of cytostatics manufacturing; from development and market launch to commercial production including visual inspection and analytics. Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH (

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