Merz Brings Out an Innovative Cellulite Treatment in the U.S.

Merz has begun the commercial launch of Cellfina™, an innovative system for treating cellulite, in the United States. Cellfina is the only minimally invasive procedure cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite, with results lasting several years. The Cellfina launch demonstrates Merz’s global leadership as an innovator in aesthetic medicine.

“This represents a key milestone on the road to strengthening our status as a global leader in aesthetics. We are proud to be introducing this promising new system in the U.S., the world’s biggest market for aesthetic treatment,” stated Philip Burchard, the CEO of Merz Pharma. “With our proprietary technology, we can offer women with cellulite lasting treatment results. In light of the widespread public interest that our Cellfina System got during the test phase in the U.S., we feel confident that we can satisfy high demand and achieve major success in the market. We plan to roll out Cellfina in Europe by year-end, and then in Asia and Latin America in 2017,” said Burchard.

There is a very large global market for cellulite treatment. In the U.S. alone, women spend roughly one billion dollars a year on cellulite therapy, with approximately 85% of U.S. women reporting concerns with cellulite.

Merz’s proprietary Cellfina System is available only through licensed physicians. The system treats the connective bands woven throughout fat under the skin that cause dimples and bumps on the surface of the skin. With only local anesthesia, those bands undergo a minimally invasive procedure called subcision that smooths the skin, yielding long-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite. The positive results delivered by Cellfina are lasting, with 96% patient satisfaction recorded at the two-year mark—a level far higher than with other forms of cellulite Treatment.

Please note that Cellfina™ is only available in the U.S. market.


About Cellfina™
The Cellfina™ System is intended for long-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thigh areas of adult females. The most common side effects reported were soreness, tenderness, and bruising. The Cellfina™ System is only available in the U.S. through a licensed physician. For full product and safety information, visit

About the Merz Pharma Group
Merz is a privately held pharmaceutical company based in Frankfurt, Germany, with 33 subsidiaries in European countries, North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. The company is active in research, development, and distribution of innovative products in the areas of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and neurologically induced movement disorders.

In the Aesthetics segment Merz offers a balanced portfolio of products for minimally invasive treatments. With the dermal fillers Radiesse, Belotero, and Glytone and the botulinum neurotoxin Bocouture/Xeomin as well as the Neocutis line of anti-aging products, the company is a major player in the global aesthetics market. The company‘s offerings were supplemented by ultrasound-technology after the acquisition of Ulthera in mid 2014. For the treatment of neurologically induced movement disorders, Merz developed Xeomin, the first botulinum toxin that is free of complex proteins.

With its tetesept and Merz Spezial brands, Merz Consumer Care is the leading provider of OTC medication, dietary supplements and skincare products in the German-speaking countries.

The Merz Pharma Group employs 2,754 people worldwide. The Company generated revenue of EUR 1,157.0 million in fiscal year 2014/15 (previous year: EUR 994.0 million).

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